The Low Down

Alright, before I get started, let me explain the fact that this page is serious business. It's kind of like a diary except it is to diaries as Web 2.0 is to the Web 1.0. Kind of. Instead of being all about flashy graphics, asynchronous transactions, and obfuscation through acronyms, this is about serious content. Just kidding, though there are a few things that differentiate this from a diary or a blog in the traditional sense.


Everyone needs some awesome in their lives. It just so happens that my career will involve a bit of programming and I'd really like for it to be pretty awesome. And that's in addition to the awesome that is intrinsically linked to this very web page. Anyways, I'll be acquiring awesome through the use of:


Everybody needs goals. This is what we should've sung songs about in elementary school. Our motto was something along the lines of "reach for the stars", but other than having a t-shirt and a few signs around the building, it was never followed through. As a consequence, many of us are lacking in goal setting ability. And since I'm a maverick, I'm going to start setting some goals. As a side note, I'm also a bit of a perfectionist, or at least that's what a fortune cookie once told me.