Coders design stuff?

Yeah, coders design stuff. Sometimes. From my experience, I've decided that most programmers design something about as often as they write documentation, which really isn't very often at all. Even when they do design things, they do it poorly. Really though, designing things isn't their job, or it at least shouldn't be their job, but ineivitably, it happens. Luckily for me, I kind of like designing things sometimes, so this section will be all about designing.

Web Design

Currently, I have a limited set of web site designs that I have developed in the past. Not one of them has been all that fantastic, and honestly, this one is probably by far the best of the bunch. In order to improve my ability to develop designs, I can analyze these old designs, find the their weaknesses, and improve them. At the same time, I can produce new designs

User Interface Design

While web design provides a good avenue for developing design skills, it's not the only form of design. On the other end of the spectrum is GUI design, which requires different interaction styles and considerations. Consequently, it would be a good idea to gain experience with GUI design. One of the difficulties for developing GUIs is the work it takes to develop the programs that drive them. In order to sort of side-step this issue, I'll probably be developing web-based applications that can have a client-side extension or program of some sort.